Canoe Tie Down

These solid webbing straps are great when it comes to tying down and securing canoes for transport on top on top of vehicles. wpe17.gif (41427 bytes)This easy to use strapping system ensures a well secured load without the need for constant retightening.  Two precision metal cam buckles safely secure your canoe in seconds.

            Cost - $50.00 a set

All strapping systems require an additional single strap that goes through the vehicle and over the center of the canoe in order to provide the complete  stability.  

                       Cost - $25.00 a set

Canadian Coast Guard Regulation Rope Bag

According to the Canadian Coast Guard Regulations each canoe must be equipped with 15 meters or 50 feet of buoyant heaving line;

PMH Outdoors is offering you the floatation bags in a bright orange conveniently packaged bag that will help with visibility in any safety situation.  In addition to this the bags are self draining and equipped with a quick release strap that allows them to be attached and detached from the canoe with efficiency and ease.

Cost - $45.00 each

Swiftwater Rescue Throw Bag

This flotation bag is for the more experienced or Moving Water paddler.  This is a essential piece of canoeing safety equipment that meets and exceeds the Canadian Coast Guard Regulationsto have 15 meters or 50 feet of buoyant heaving line on board.  Each bright orange throw bag floats, is self draining, has a quick release carry belt and contains 80 feet of 5/8 inch floating rope. 

Cost - $78.00 each  

Dutch Ovens

The ultimate cooking method for the outdoor gourmet! Cooking bread, casseroles and desserts  is easy in the outdoors with a Dutch Oven. These cast aluminum Dutch Ovens are light, easy to maintain, and they won't rust. Since Dutch Oven do not require constant supervision, it removes much of the less exciting elements involved in meal preparation.

Cost - 10 inch Dutch Oven $81.00
12 inch Dutch Oven with legs - $116.00
Synthetic Dutch Oven Carrying Bag - $38.00
Heat Resistant Dutch Oven Cooking Hood - contact us!



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Wilderness Firebox

Leave no trace but your footprints! Fireboxs are used to contain a fire for cooking purposes and minimize campfire scares. They operate more efficiently at a higher temperature than a normal fire pit. These steel fireboxs are made to withstand the heat of extended use in the wilderness and includes a steel mesh grill to cook on. The Firebox comes packaged in an easy access ballistic nylon bag. 

Cost - Small Firebox - $155.00, Large Firebox - $195.00