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It all started above the artic circle in a canoe, some 50 some years ago, in Fort Simpson North West Territory, when co-owner Bruce Hawkins was born. He spent the first 16 years of his life in the great white North; dog sledding in the winter and paddling the northern rivers all summer. After leaving the North, he and his family settled in Brandon, Manitoba, where he completed his formal education and joined the Canadian Army, and finally met and married his wife Pat.  From that point, he and Pat started to travel the world.  His career took them to the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Germany, and all over Canada just to name a few exciting locations! During their time in these magical places, they took every opportunity they could to get out and either hike or paddle the local backcountry.

Upon their return to Canada, Pat and Bruce settled in Ottawa where they decided to open PMH Outdoors. The main premise and focus of PMH Outdoors was to share the wonder and beauty that Canada s wilderness has to offer with others and this remains so today.

PMH Outdoors began offering Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) courses when time permitted and running a few guided canoe trips within Ontario. As time passed, PMH Outdoors matured and became a much busier operation reaching further into the Canadian Wilderness. Recognizing the need and benefit to clients, Pat and Bruce grew the PMH Outdoors team, to include a larger group of amazing guides and instructors.  

It is of special note that both Pat and Bruce have volunteered thousands of hours and have been very active on the ORCKA Board of Directors over the last decade. Pat is currently performing the duties of ORCKA Vice President of Instruction and Bruce is the current President of ORCKA. 

Bruce retired from the Canadian Army in 2000 and at that time their home was moved to just outside of Arnprior, Ontario (just West of Ottawa), at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Ottawa River,  It is an ideal locale to conduct on-water canoe and kayak instruction. PMH Outdoors enjoys all of the benefits of a family operation with great atmosphere! Some of the guides have been with the company since the beginning and are truly at home in the remote Canadian wilderness!  PMH Outdoors is still expanding so stay tuned in the future as this story is long from being over!



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