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We do carry a limited stock of the following high quality accessory items.

  • Dutch Ovens & Accessories
  • Wilderness Firebox

Taxes and Shipping are extra. 

Dutch Ovens

The ultimate cooking method for the outdoor gourmet! Cooking bread, casseroles and desserts  is easy in the outdoors with a Dutch Oven. These cast aluminum Dutch Ovens are light, easy to maintain, and they won't rust. Since Dutch Oven do not require constant supervision, it removes much of the less exciting elements involved in meal preparation.

Cost - 10 inch Dutch Oven $87.00
12 inch Dutch Oven with legs - $121.00
Synthetic Dutch Oven Carrying Bag - $42.00
Heat Resistant Dutch Oven Cooking Hood - contact us!


  •  may be used together (stacked) for feeding larger groups or separately for smaller groups
  •  designed to be heated by charcoal briquettes (an environmentally-friendly and renewable energy source)
  •  Increases the variety and recipe possibilities for your trip.  PMH Outdoors uses these Ovens on their trips to create such as delectable dishes as: Roast Beef, Taco Bake and Black Forest Cake!
  • Unlike tinfoil, the heat resistant Dutch Oven Cooking Hood retains heat for consistent cooking, is re-useable, packs small and can be washed!


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Wilderness Firebox

Leave no trace but your footprints! Fireboxs are used to contain a fire for cooking purposes and minimize campfire scares. They also use small, manageable pieces of wood very efficiently! They operate more efficiently at a higher temperature than a normal fire pit. These steel fireboxs are made to withstand the heat of extended use in the wilderness and includes a steel mesh grill to cook on. The Firebox comes packaged in an easy access ballistic nylon bag. 

Small Firebox (Suitable for 2 -5 people)

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Cost - Small Firebox - $176.00, Large Firebox - $263.00


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