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ORCKA Canadian Style Paddling Level 2A (Tandem)

Solo Interlocking Pivots!

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This course can be scheduled for you or your group at anytime. Contact us to confirm your reservation!

This ORCKA course introduces canoeists to the exciting and refined world of lakewater paddling where you will learn how to control each and every motion that your canoe makes. The ORCKA Canadian Style Paddling 2A (Tandem) course focuses on teaching you lakewater precision paddling skills with lots of practice time to help you to achieve perfection!

Equipment Required

Feel free to bring any personal equipment including paddle(s) and PFD that you may have. This will Help to make your course more enjoyable.

Course Administration

Contact PMH Outdoors for more information to help make you Canadian Style Paddling paddling experience a reality

Other Canadian Style Paddling Courses

ORCKA Canadian Style Paddling 2B (Solo) and Level 3 (advanced solo skills) are available upon request.


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