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The PMH Outdoors "Learn to Canoe" Program

    This introductory canoe instruction program is the perfect foundation for you canoeing experience. Our personable and highly qualified instructors will teach you the following skills:

  • canoeing safety
  • introduction to canoeing terminology
  • basic paddling skills; learn how to make a canoe go sideways, forward, turn and stop
  • canoeing techniques that will assist you in paddling and enjoying your own canoe

    This course is for both youth and adults! The course is four hours in duration. The PMH Outdoors "Learn to Canoe" course can be scheduled to take place at an Ottawa waterfront location at a time and place convenient to you. PMH Outdoors Homeplace location, just west of Ottawa, is also the ideal spot to learn canoeing in a serene and natural setting!

Contact Us! to arrange your custom "Learn to Canoe" learning experience!


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