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Meditative Practices for the Mind, Body & Soul

Are you open to starting on the journey of having a meditation practice? Of slowing down, coming to stillness and in towards your True Self?

Patanjali (a Yogic sage) described in ~5000 AD eight stages or limbs of yoga. Yoga is not only the physical practices of asana/poses but is rather a more holistic practice encompassing the following:

1.       Yamas - practices between oneself and all others

2.       Niyamas practices for the individual to attain a condition of deep balance 

3.       Asana - postures to achieve a bio-energetic balance

4.       Pranayama rhythmic breathing to become aware of prana, the universal subtle energy

5.       Pratyahara withdrawal of the senses - Meditation Practices

6.       Dharana concentration

7.       Dhyana meditation with one-pointed focus

8.       Samadhi realization of the essential Self

 Meditation can be considered practices in limbs four to seven. Enjoy these expansive practices!

Listen to find out a bit more about meditation, sitting options, what to do with your hands and more!

Below are a variety of Pranayama and Meditation practices, each ~20 minutes in length. Try several and then choose a practice to follow for a week or month. Print out the Meditation Journal and use it to record your experiences. Remember it's a journey and a regular practice helps!

Finding a comfortable position for your Meditation is key! Doing any of the hip opening Yoga classes may assist in allowing the body to settle in more comfortably. This may take some time and practice...

Do not hesitate to contact me with any feedback or ideas for future sessions!       

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Namaste! Pat Hawkins

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Intro to Meditation

Meditation Journal

Pranayama - Breath Work

Release Anxiety

Release Anger

Bahya Kumbhak - Breath Retention

3 Speed Alternate Nostril Breathing

Balance 5 Prana Vayus


Pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses - Meditation Practices

Rechaka 1

Equal Breath 1

So Hum 1

On Exhale

On the Pause

Ongoing Meditation Practice Intro

Ongoing Meditation


On 3rd Eye

Dharana - Concentration

Pranayama and Concentration

Trataka on Candle Flame


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