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Speciality Yoga for the Body & Soul During the COVID 19 Experience!

Welcome to Pat's COVID 19 Speciality Yoga classes to help the mind, spirit and body through this challenging period when a number of you are going through isolation!

These links are some of Pat's more advanced COVID 19 Yoga Classes are a series of 30 minute Yoga Classes that have been given to friends and family, in an online format, during the COVID 19 pandemic:

  • Yin Yoga - poses are held longer to work on the bodies fascia (the body's connective tissue)
  • Raja Yoga - a stress relief practice that uses Bhramari Breath (a form of humming) - it is addictive!
  • Ayurveda - classes focused on pacifying a particular Dosha or Constitution
  • Beginner's Yoga - classes for those starting out with Yoga or those wanting a slower paced class
  • Chair Yoga - classes done sitting on or using a chair.  Ideal for those having difficulty getting down onto a Yoga mat
  • Specialty Yoga - include a variety of different classes highlighting different Yoga principles and themes

Please listen to your body when you participate in any of these Yoga sessions and stop doing anything that is painful - one of the detractors of on-line classes is that I am not there with you in person to assist and correct your poses.

I hope that you enjoy theses classes and that they help you with your daily routine!

For COVID 19 Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes including informational videos, follow the links below:

Do not hesitate to contact me with any feedback or ideas for future Yoga sessions!


Pat Hawkins

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga


Lung & Intestine

Raja Yoga

Beginner Raja

Raja Yoga 2

Raja Yoga 3

Raja Yoga 4


Pure Goddess

Fluttering Bee



Intro To Ayurveda

Pitta Dosha

Kapha Dosha

Vata Dosha

Beginner's Yoga

Intro to Yoga

Need for Yoga

Info -  Props

With Ease

Surrender - Simply Be

Chair Yoga

Intro Chair Yoga

A Beginning

Arms and Legs

Heart Opening

Standing Up




Raja - Bee




Other Yoga Classes



Gayatri Kriya

Moon Salutation

Moon Salutation II

I Am Love

Yoga Nidra

Release Anxiety

Root Chakra

2nd Chakra - Water Flowing

Manipura Chakra

Anatomy Principles in Yoga

Leg Principles

Up and Down

Arm Prinicples

In and Out

Movement Prinicples

Let Us Get Moving

All Principles


Contact Us!



Home Up Meditation

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